Saturday, 29 April 2017

Condo refresh project

I have a rental condo in downtown Toronto that will be vacant in May. It is a one bedroom plus den unit that can house two people comfortably. I’m planning to refresh it with new flooring, new paint, and some minor repairs.

The condo building is about twelve years old. The hallway carpet, walls, lighting, and door handles in the common areas of the building were just refreshed last year.

My condo unit has hardwood floor in the living room, carpet in the bedroom and den, and tile floors in the kitchen and bathroom. The carpet is due to be replaced. A new coat of paint will freshen up the rooms.

I attached two pictures that I took before renting out my condo unit several years ago. One is the open concept kitchen and the other is the living and dining rooms, just to give you an idea. The living room walks out to a balcony with a view of lake Ontario and the islands.

Living and Dining rooms
Preliminary thoughts and potential work:
  • paint the whole unit, about 825 square feet.
  • paint all kitchen cupboard doors and drawers.
  • paint two bathroom cupboard doors below the sink.
  • put in new carpet for bedroom and den, or replace all existing flooring with new hardwood floor.
  • remove the fixed desk in the den area for more flexibility with furnishings.
  • remove the small medicine cabinet in the bathroom for a more spacious look.
  • change the shower head in the bath tub to a nicer handheld shower head.
  • change the curtain for the window in the bedroom to blinds.
Since the hardwood floor in the living room is still in good condition, I think I’ll keep it and just put in new carpet in the bedroom and the den. The condo has strict rules and regulations for hardwood flooring for noise control reasons, and hardwood floor would likely cost more than new carpet. I’d like to keep costs down where possible, without compromising the overall results. For paint colours, I think I’ll go for a neutral colour palette of greys and whites to appeal to potential renters or buyers.

Now onward to find a contractor for the project, and to shop around for paint, carpet, blinds, and shower heads! My sister knew a contractor who had finished her basement and she was satisfied with his work so I’ll start with him. I have a feeling May is going to be a busy month LOL.

If this was your investment/ rental condo, would you replace all existing flooring with new hardwood floor? What colour would you choose for the new hardwood floor, and the paint colour palette for the condo? Would your choices be different if you were to sell the unit, as opposed to rent it out?


  1. Good luck with your remodel and finding a new renter. I just sold a house and we repainted all the colored feature walls to make the whole place neutral. Personally I like hardwood floors but think renters might prefer neutral carpeting as then they don't have to provide area rugs.

  2. Thanks, Juhli, for your comment. The rental and housing market in Toronto has been very hot so I'm more concerned about hiring a good contractor than finding a new renter. To date, my rental condo had two sets of renters, each lasted about six years. You raised a good point about area rugs. I'm leaning towards neutral carpeting, too.

  3. For renting I would personally choose a light hardwood floor finish to minimize wear and tear marks by renters, and white walls.

    For selling I would go with a medium tone hardwood floor, as it is almost universally appealing, a classic really. Grey paint seems to be the new preferred 'neutral' wall color, so I would go with that over white or beige.

  4. Wise colour choices, thanks, Tamara. I knew I could learn from other bloggers' experience of home remodeling or selling their house.