Countries Visited

Hello and welcome to my blog! On this page, I keep track of the countries that I have visited, and include links to the posts of the places that I have written about.

Some countries such as Canada, France, or the United States, I have visited many cities and towns, however, have not written about all of them. I have also seen many amazing sights in Africa, Asia, Europe, and when time permits, I'll do my write-ups.

As of November 2018, I have visited the following fifty one countries, some several times, and would love to explore more places in our world:

EUROPE (sub-total 29)
  1. Austria: Vienna
  2. Belgium
  3. Czechia (Czech Republic): Prague
  4. Cyprus
  5. Denmark
  6. England
  7. Estonia: Tallinn
  8. Finland
  9. France: Paris, River Seine, Auvers-sur-Oise
  10. Germany
  11. Gibraltar: Gibraltar pictures
  12. Greece: Athens
  13. Hungary: Budapest
  14. Iceland
  15. Ireland: Dublin, Cork, Killarney
  16. Italy
  17. Latvia: Riga
  18. Lithuania: Vilnius & Trakai
  19. Liechtenstein
  20. Luxembourg
  21. Monaco
  22. Netherlands
  23. Poland: Warsaw
  24. Portugal: Lisbon and Sintra
  25. Slovakia: Bratislava
  26. Spain: Madrid and Toledo, Cordoba, Seville
  27. Sweden
  28. Switzerland
  29. Vatican City
ASIA (sub-total 9)
  1. China (Hong Kong)
  2. Indonesia
  3. Japan
  4. Macau
  5. Malaysia
  6. Singapore
  7. Taiwan
  8. Thailand
  9. Vietnam
AMERICAS (sub-total 11)
  1. Argentina: Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls, Bariloche
  2. Bermuda
  3. Canada: Prince Edward Island, Quebec City
  4. Chile: Santiago, San Pedro de Atacama & Moon Valley, Valparaiso & ViƱa del Mar
  5. Costa Rica: Playa Grande, 10 pictures
  6. Jamaica
  7. Mexico
  8. Peru: Cusco Day 1, Cusco City tour, Lima Miraflores, Lima City Tour, Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley
  9. St. Marten
  10. The Bahamas
  11. The United States of America: Ft. Lauderdale, Miami South Beach, New Orleans
AFRICA (sub-total 2)
  1. Egypt
  2. Morocco


  1. Wow! You have visited many countries. Good for you.

    1. Thank you, Darlene. Travel is my passion.