Sunday, 3 September 2017

Pictures from Seville

Greetings! As part 4 of 4 of our trip to Spain and Gibraltar, Seville was our last stop before flying home. We arrived in Seville by train and stayed for four nights. During our stay, as expected, it was very hot between 11 AM and 7 PM, with temperatures around 39C (100F). So we typically would have breakfast in our hotel, then went sightseeing either before 11 AM or after 6 PM. The middle part of the day was spent indoors relaxing, having lunch, reading, writing, and taking a nap!

We had a wonderful time exploring Seville. The city has so much beauty and a great metro system which made it easy to get around to the major sights. Below are my top fifteen pictures from Seville.

Pictures 1 & 2 - The Plaza de Espa, a beautiful square in Maria Luisa Park in Seville, built in 1928 for the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929:

Pictures 3 to 8 - The Real Alcázar (Royal Palace) of Seville, with a history stretching back more than a thousand years, and magnificent palaces, rooms, and gardens. It was registered in 1987 as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO:

Pictures 9 to 13 - Seville Cathedral, the largest Gothic Cathedral in the world: the Cathedral ceiling (#9), Cathedral organs (#10), Tomb of Christopher Columbus (#11), Rosette (#12), and  Silver or Jubilee altar (#13).

Picture 14 - The Giralda, the bell tower of the Seville Cathedral, was built in the 12th century, and was also registered in 1987 as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO:

Picture 15 - The Tower of Gold (Torre del Oro) was constructed in the first third of the 13th century as a military watchtower in Seville:

I hope you enjoy the pictures. I'll be posting my pictures from Gibraltar in the next post. Please feel free to leave a comment.

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    1. We enjoyed Madrid so much that I'm planning a return to study Spanish. Your photos are wonderful, and brought back wonderful memories. Did you tapas hop at all by chance?

      1. Studying Spanish in Madrid sounds fantastic, Tamara. Please let me know which school/ organization you've found. We did tapas hop on our first evening in Madrid, and the next day as well.

    2. Great post. We will be there in April. Starting in Valencia! Cheers!

      1. Thank you, John and Susan, for your comment. Seville is beautiful. I'm going there again in March.