Sunday, 7 May 2017

My 1st week of May

We had a lot of rain this past week, especially on Thursday and Friday. Lake Ontario has risen nearly 25 centimetres (or close to 10 inches) since May 1. It was still lovely in that my sister visited us for a week. She just left yesterday morning. Due to the heavy downpour, we spent more time indoors than outdoors.
Lake Ontario high water level
Happy that I’ve accomplished the following this past week:

  • Continued with Spanish lessons, 15 minutes a day.
  • Exercised at the gym 3x, did yoga 2x.
  • Swam 40 laps on Saturday, and ran 5K on Sunday.
Finance/ Condo refresh project:
  • Finished cleaning all rooms and the five appliances in the condo.
  • Met and received quotes from two different contractors.
  • Chose new carpet and paint colours (greys and whites).
  • Replaced the shower head in the bath tub with a new Moen handheld shower head. It has seven settings, grey/ chrome finish, and was very easy to install. It was on sale for 20% off regular price.
  • Added two light bulbs that were missing in the bathroom. The new LED light bulbs were frugal wins in that they were on a special sale for $1.94 each, or 65% off regular price.
  • Had lunch and dinner with my sis and our parents on Sunday.
  • Took my sister out for coffee and indoor shopping twice.
  • Kept up with my own family’s routine and chores.
  • Posted my first April in a sentence a day and read other participants’ blogs.
  • Window-shopped with my sister. We went to two different shopping malls that I haven’t been to for a while so they were kind of new to me, too. I think we were doing more talking than shopping!
  • Tried Sheila’s easy chicken sausage skillet recipe. I served the chicken sausage and kale with a small amount of steamed rice, and got thumbs up from my family (thanks, Sheila).
Plans for the upcoming week:
  • Keep up with daily family and fitness activities.
  • Touch base with my friends who live in the USA.
  • Book contractors for my condo refresh project.
  • Visit the Art Gallery of Ontario.
I hope you had a good first week of May. Tell me about your week!


  1. Your diligence with your Spanish practice is a reminder that I need to do same. My experience is that a brief daily review is retained much better than sporadic massive amounts of study.

  2. I agree with you about the retention. Plus I find 15 minutes a day is more manageable, time-wise. I usually take my Spanish lessons while sipping my morning hot coffee.