Friday, 11 August 2017

Happy Friday from Madrid

Happy Friday! A few things that make me happy today:

- We arrived safe and sound in Madrid.
- Passport control was quick.
- I activated my SIM card for Spain and it worked!
- We bought tickets at a vending machine for our metro (subway) ride from the airport to the city centre, 4.8 € each, no problem. There are several language options to help with the ticket purchase. The machine accepts cash and credit cards.
- The Metro ride was quick, clean, and comfortable. 25 minutes later we were in the city centre.
- Checked in our room, again quick, clean, comfortable, with good wifi.
- Talked to the friendly staff in Spanish while having a snack. Glad they could understand me and vice versa most of the time LOL.
- Took a siesta to recharge.
- Went out to explore on foot and already liked what I experienced.
- It was sunny, about 20C (70F) when we landed, and continued to warm up to 28C (83F) by the afternoon. No rain in the forecast and low humidity but high UV index. Sunset after 9 p.m. allowing plenty of time for an evening stroll, Sangria, and sampling tapas.

We have plans for a fun weekend. I hope you do, too!


  1. Madrid is the most gorgeous, gracious city, and I know you will enjoy all it has to offer!

    1. I really enjoyed Madrid, and Toledo was wonderful. We're now on our way to Cordoba.