Sunday, 17 September 2017

5K race and summer fun list done!

Happy Sunday! Hope the weather is good and you’re enjoying the weekend wherever you are. Two things are making me happy today:

First, I finished the 5K running race on Toronto Centre Island this morning with better time than last year, and received a nice, big medal for my achievement. There were 140 participants in this year’s 5K race. I finished 29th place overall out of 140, and 3rd place in my age category. The race was small in size compared to other 5K races that I’ve done, however, I’m happy that I’m still fit to run (LOL), and that I've achieved a personal fitness goal that I’ve set for myself this year. Now I can add the nice medal to my small collection of 5K finisher’s medals. My thanks to my family for coming out to cheer me on and watch me finished the race.

Second, this weekend is the last weekend before fall officially arrives in my part of the world. After reviewing my Summer fun list of twenty items, I’m happy that I’ve completed all of them, woohoo!

My Summer fun list of 20 is below:
  1. Take a trip to Costa Rica. Yes, highly recommended!
  2. Enjoy Costa Rica’s “pura vida”.Yes!
  3. Do wildlife spotting in Costa Rica. Yes, loved the toucan!
  4. Celebrate Canada’s 150 with a BBQ with our extended family. Yes!
  5. Attend at least one music festival at home. Yes, more than one!
  6. Chill out with my friends with an iced drink, or ice cream in hand. Yes!
  7. Stroll or picnic in a park. Yes, more than once!
  8. Go to Spain and explore. Yes, highly recommended!
  9. Travel by train in Spain. Yes, very glad I did!
  10. Visit up to four UNESCO World Heritage sites while in Spain. Yes, saw five!
  11. Take a siesta to beat the heat. Yes, several siestas actually!
  12. Savour Spanish paellas and tapas. Yes!
  13. Watch a flamenco show. Yes!
  14. Speak basic Spanish while in Costa Rica and Spain. Yes and yes!
  15. Cross Spain-Gibraltar border twice. Yes, both times were a breeze!
  16. Tour the Rock of Gibraltar. Yes!
  17. See the Barbary macaques (monkeys). Yes, saw about 50 wild apes!
  18. Play with sand and seashells at a beach. Yes, at home and in Gibraltar.
  19. Look for dolphins in the the Bay or the Strait of Gibraltar. Yes, saw many!
  20. Stay fit by exercising up to one hour daily. Yes! The regular exercises helped me run well today.
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Am I going to have a fall fun list? You bet! So stay tuned for my fall fun list, to be revealed by September 21.

What fun activities did you enjoy this week? Do you have a fall fun list to share?


  1. Yay, YOU!! You get a gold star. Hope you enjoyed making and completing your summer fun list. Can't wait to see what you have planned for fall.

    1. Thanks, Leslie! I've had a fantastic summer, and really enjoyed completing my fun list. Look forward to reading your fall list soon.