Saturday, 22 October 2016

CN Tower and Roundhouse Park

Received some good news in the family this week. First, my nephew got his first full-time job in his field of study. He graduated in June and has been working part-time while looking for full-time employment. Second, my niece was offered a part-time job that would give her relevant work experience while she’s studying...All good preparation for the future. Third, my cousin’s daughter will be getting married next June in Paris, France. We’ve got the verbal invitation, with formal invitation to follow. So a trip to Paris is now in my 2017 travel plan! I’ve had the opportunity to visit Paris many times. It’s one of the cities that have so much to offer that each time I go, I have a great time exploring.

In the meantime, I maintain my weekly local discovery walks. This time my walk took me to the CN Tower, Roundhouse Park and a few other sights along Bremner Boulevard.

I went up the CN Tower a few times when my family or friends from abroad visited us. The tickets are pricey but the experience is worth it if you want an outstanding panoramic view of Toronto. Just make sure you go on a clear day, and if you are not afraid of height, look down the glass floor once you’re up there! The CN Tower is 553.33 meters high (1815.4 ft). They recently added the Edge Walk for adventure lovers who want to take a walk OUTSIDE, around the circumference of the roof of the tower. I prefer my adventures at ground level.

Roundhouse Park has a playground, a water fountain and benches. A good place to sit down and take in the sights around me. Autumn splendour is on full display. I couldn’t help taking another picture of the leaves changing colours.

John Street Roundhouse, a National Historic Site of Canada and the Toronto Railway Museum are located here. If you’re into trains, there are a few on display. In the summer, the Toronto Railway Museum’s miniature railway provides rides to visitors. You can see the Rogers Centre with its white, retractable dome in the picture below.

Other nearby sights include Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Olympic park and Air Canada Centre where sports or entertainment events are held year round. The area can get busy with school buses and tour buses drop off visitors, or when there are events going on in the city.

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada is nice, too. I visited it once since its opening and enjoyed the experience. There is a moving walkway along a glass tunnel where you can view the sharks and marine life around and above you. Again the tickets are pricey so I’d only go again for a special occasion.

All in all a good walk. Hope you enjoy the pictures and will share your local sights, too.

How to get to CN Tower and Roundhouse Park: From Union subway station, come up to street level, then walk towards the CN Tower. You can’t miss it! Roundhouse Park is south of CN Tower.

Where to eat: There are a few restaurants and pubs along Bremner Boulevard. For special occasions, I’d recommend the 360 restaurant at the CN Tower. Reservations required.

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