Tuesday, 28 February 2017

February 2017 review

Old City Hall, Toronto
At the start of February, I intended to continue what I was doing in January.  February turned out to be a stressful month due to a number of elder care activities that I had to take on. I’m thankful that I have a close knit family, and that we have a good health care system.

Without going into the details to maintain privacy for my family members, I’ll just say that I hope for a much more stable and peaceful time in the coming weeks.

When I reflect on my own goals, I realize that I’ve accomplished quite a few in February even though I had to try harder to stay focused. Here’s my list:

  • For the mind: Learn Spanish 15 minutes daily - Check!
  • For the body: Exercise one hour daily - Check!
  • I feel that I need to take good care of myself before I can take care of others.

  • Stay within budget - Check!
  • Meet saving target - Check!
  • Bonus: I received cash back rewards and points for purchases made in February.

  • Post on this blog once a week: Check! I posted four times in February. Writing about my trips to Quebec and Prince Edward Island brought back nice memories.
  • Go for free or low cost entertainment: Check! I re-watched a few movies on DVD. I walked on the Great Trail and saw free public art installations.
  • Start planning for trips this summer: In progress!
  • Declutter my paper stuff: In progress! I met my target in February. I’ll need to keep it up in March.

I hope February has been good to you. How are you doing with your goals?

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