Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Travel plan 2017

Costa Rica encore!

Howler monkey, Costa Rica
It’s been a busy week here at Mi Casa. I was juggling my schedule, my family schedule, and elder care activities. Everything seems to take so much time, however, all move in the right direction so I’m cautiously optimistic.

On Friday, we’ve got some good news that enabled me to start booking our first summer trip of the year. This is an exciting moment for me since I can now see our travel plan takes concrete shape. We’ll be going to Costa Rica for nine days at the end of June. We’ve been to Playa Grande, Costa Rica before and had a fantastic family vacation. I look forward to hearing the expression “Pura Vida” and another great stay in the country.

I usually handle the essential travel bookings for my family, such as flights, airport transfer, and accommodation. I’ve created a travel checklist that I re-use and modify for each trip as needed. The modifications are typically due to the trip duration, local weather during our stay, and activities at the destination.

I’m one of those people who travel light with one handbag and one carry-on baggage. I seldom leave home with a full carry-on. The top must-haves on my list include my passport, boarding pass, some cash, and a credit card. These days a mobile device seems to be an essential item as well, although I’ve gone on trips without one, and just managed when I arrived at my destination. My carry-on includes some clothes, a pair of shoes and toiletries. I’ve experienced luggage delay for up to 48 hours before and did not suffer much.

How about you? Are you an experienced traveller? Do you travel light?

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