Sunday, 26 March 2017

Sunday thoughts 2017/03/26

I had a productive week by staying focused and positive. There were tasks that I prefer not to do but I’ve talked myself into finishing them. Disciplined 1, Lazy 0 :-)

Happy I accomplished this past week:
  • I completed my one-hour exercise every weekday (workouts in the gym on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and yoga on Tuesday and Thursday).
  • I walked briskly for 4 km (2.5 miles) on Saturday and another 4 km today even though it was rainy and soggy on Saturday, and grey and windy this morning.
  • I learned Spanish online fifteen minutes every day. I actually did more than fifteen minutes on some days.
  • I saved more than I spent. My biggest discretionary expense will be travel! I look forward to travelling again soon.
  • I’m checking off my “to do” list for my parents’ move next month. I ordered moving supplies and booked movers for them. I also arranged for health care and utility services at their new address.
  • I got my regular house chores done (e.g. laundry, groceries, cleaning, cooking, etc.). A vacation from all of this is welcome!
  • I decluttered my closet while listening to music to make the task less tedious. The closet is now neater and has empty space.
  • I donated clothing items to the Salvation Army.
  • I made a Spring activity list, and changed the display theme of my blog, from white background to charcoal background. I like the contrast but is it too much? Please let me know what you think.
Good things that happened this weekend:
  • My DH baked home made cookies. The aroma and freshly baked cookies are simply wonderful. Our coffee chat time is fun and priceless.
  • I had a frugal win at the local grocery store: A $8.19 refund and a free 16-pack yogurt due to a scan code error. Glad I checked my receipt before leaving the store.
  • Warm family time at home on a Sunday afternoon while the wind is gusting outside.
What I’m looking forward to next week:
  • Making next week another productive week.
  • Taking time out to visit a contemporary art gallery.
  • Reflecting on the first quarter of 2017 and planning for the next quarter.
  • Putting some creative ideas that have been dancing in my mind into words and pictures (e.g. Write about my visit to Athens or Lisbon, and post some pictures.)
How was your week?


  1. Love the photo of the flowers - looks professional! And your follow up list is very inspiring, particularly your Spanish studying diligence. Estoy aprendiendo español tambien!

  2. There are so many benefits to learning a new language. I find it fun and since I plan to travel to Spanish-speaking countries, it's practical, too. I just started learning Spanish not long ago. I was so pleased that I could read the menus, and order food in Spanish when I was in Peru :-)

  3. Estoy aprendiendo espanol tambien, tambien!!!
    Love the charcoal. Everyone seems to be on an all white blog design band wagon. I like the charcoal and the contrast. Yay, you!
    What a successful week you had. And look at you decluttering the closet. And I am supposed to do that this week. Maybe if I listen to my book it won't be as painful.
    Great post. So glad we have connected.

  4. Thank you, Leslie, for your positive comments. Glad you like the charcoal and the contrast. The weather here was rainy, windy and cool on the weekend so it was easy for me to stay indoor to declutter my closet.