Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Spring activity list

Every spring, I see these plants and flowers in my neighbourhood. I like the light yellow colour.

Spring is the season for new beginnings or to resume activities after a long hibernation in the winter months. I have 20 items on my Spring Activity List, mostly under the categories of Fitness, Family, Friends, and Fun.
  1. Exercise in the gym three times per week.
  2. Practice yoga twice per week.
  3. Go for a long walk outdoors once per week.
  4. Learn Spanish online fifteen minutes daily.
  5. Sign up early for a 5K running race in September.
  6. Co-ordinate my parents' move to their new home.
  7. Meet up with my sister from out of town.
  8. Enjoy a family weekend getaway.
  9. Celebrate two family birthdays.
  10. Share some decadent chocolate with my family.
  11. Call to chat with my friend on her birthday.
  12. Go for coffee with a friend.
  13. Write to my friends overseas.
  14. Complete bookings for our trip to Costa Rica in June-July.
  15. Start booking a second trip for the summer.
  16. Read about my summer travel destinations.
  17. Post once a week on my blog.
  18. Get a haircut before going to Costa Rica.
  19. Declutter my closet.
  20. Donate twenty unused items.
Hope you're enjoying the season. Have you got a list to share?

Update - For additional fun Spring Bucket Lists:


  1. Envious of your travels. But will look forward to sharing your adventures in your posts and pics. Do you run 5Ks often? I am trying to do at least one a season. Is there anything special you do to prep for one? I haven't gotten on the yoga band wagon but probably need to check it out. What online program are you planning to use for learning Spanish? I have tried Duolingo but it didn't stick very well. Am awkwardly semi-fluent but need to learn to say things the right way instead of my way. Thoughtful list. Looking forward to reading about your progress.

  2. I run 5K once or twice a year. I don't do any special prep for it, however, in my regular exercise routine, I alternate between running on the treadmill and using an elliptical machine. I like my yoga practice, mainly to stretch and stay flexible. I'm using Duolingo and Mesrime for learning Spanish.

  3. Is your Costa Rica trip your first time visiting? I think you will love it if so, it's a beautiful, friendly country. Prepare for rain at that time of year though, as I believe that will be their rainy season. The plus in going at that time of year is it should be green and lush everywhere!

    1. It will be our 2nd time visiting Costa Rica. 1st time was at Playa Grande on the Pacific Coast...Awesome vacation then! This time we'll be based in San Jose then go from there.