Friday, 19 May 2017

Piano and violin recital

I was looking up music events and found St. Andrew’s church in downtown Toronto has a Friday Noontime Recital today. I passed by this church many times but have not been inside. So it’s time to go and explore.

I learned that St. Andrew’s was founded in 1830, and the current building was opened for worship in 1876. The church interior is very nice with dark wood beams, stained glass windows, and art work on the ceiling.
St. Andrew's church, Toronto
St. Andrew's church, Toronto
There were plenty of seats available for the recital. The volunteers handed out the program sheet as people arrived. After a brief introduction by the music director, the recital began.

Melody Chan (piano) and Katie Ho (violin) performed Violin Sonata no.9, Op. 47, Beethoven beautifully for close to an hour. The audience was quiet listening the entire time, including a young child who was chatty before the recital started. We all eagerly applauded at the end of the recital.

Pianist and violinist
The program was free although voluntary donations toward an honorarium for the performers were accepted.

I enjoyed and appreciated such outstanding musical performance by the two talented artists in a beautiful space.

Have a great weekend wherever you are!


  1. Don't you love finding 'new' things to do that have been there all along? So much fun! And the photo of spring flowers at the top of your post is just lovely. Yeah for spring!

  2. I love small fun discoveries. Definitely yeah for spring. I couldn't resist taking a picture of the pretty flowers planted in my neighbourhood.