Monday, 29 May 2017

Spring list update #2

On April 27, 2017, I posted update #1 of my Spring activity list, with nine items checked off, six in progress, and five to do. Today I’m joining several bloggers to post update #2 on my remaining eleven items:

1. Exercise in the gym three times per week. Yes for April and May! This is one of my ongoing activities. I asked a friend to join me at one of my workouts in the 2nd week of May and it was great!

2. Practice yoga twice per week. Yes for April and May! What can I say? I find focusing on my breathing and movements calms my mind.

3. Go for a long walk outdoors once per week. Yes! In April and May, I've done either 5K walk or 5K run on Sundays. Truly enjoy the greenery and flowers in my neighbourhood at this time of the year!

4. Learn Spanish online fifteen minutes daily. Yes for April and May!  This activity is my brainteasers every morning. 

5. Sign up early for a 5K running race in September. Not yet. This race is to take place on Centre Island. Unfortunately, the island has been flooded by the heavy rainfall that we’ve had this Spring. It is currently closed to visitors. All events on the island in June have been cancelled. Even though the race date is in September and things should get back to normal by then, since the registration fee is non-refundable, I’m thinking I should wait closer to September to register, just in case the race gets cancelled.

6. Meet up with my sister from out of town. Yes! She was here in the 1st week of May. We had fun catching up, going for coffee, and window shopping.

7. Celebrate two family birthdays. May birthday (Yes!). June birthday (Coming up).

8. Start booking a second trip for the summer. In progress. More to come...

9. Read about my summer travel destinations. In progress. I’ll continue reading until after the trips.

10. Post once a week on my blog. Yes! I actually posted twice per week in April and May.

11. Get a haircut before going to Costa Rica. Not yet. I’ll get it done in June.

I also added a few new activities that were not on my Spring activity list:

- Swimming on Saturday morning: I started with 30 laps on April 9, then increased by two laps per week, with a big jump to 50 laps in the 3rd week of May. 

- Refreshing my rental condo: I started this project at the end of April, and should finish at the end of May. I experienced a delay with the carpeting which is now scheduled for May 30. Can't wait!

- Cooking easy and yummy recipes: Chicken Sausage Skillet, and Sausage and Asparagus Bowl, both from Sheila's Making the Most of Every Day blog. Thanks, Sheila!

- Attending more arts and entertainment in May: A visit to the AGO, cappuccino and visual arts at Harbourfront, and a piano and violin recital at St. Andrew’s church. Simply wonderful and enriching!

I have until June 20 to check off all items on my Spring list. I’ve started thinking about my Summer list which will be revealed on June 21st! Now let’s hop over to the following blogs for more fun spring list updates:



  1. Congratulations on lots of spring momentum! It appears that having a list to work toward has generated even more momentum in your life, which is so wonderful to read about!

    I've just re-started yoga and though I appreciate the mind-body connection, boy am I finding it hard, so I sincerely admire your regular adherence to it. And of course, can't wait to hear more about your upcoming trips!

    1. Thanks, Tamara! May has been quite a month for me, mostly positive and full of energy which I love. Regarding yoga: There are different types as you know. It may take a few tries to find the one that suits you best. I used to do Ashtanga yoga, now I've been doing Hatha yoga, mainly to balance my physical workouts in the gym.

  2. Wow! You have been one productive lady! Good for you! So much good stuff here!

    1. Thanks, Michael Ann. It seems the energy from my exercise routine makes me feel like doing more. The one project that is high maintenance and lower productivity for me is the condo refresh. I should have been a painter and a carpet installer. I'd have got both jobs done sooner LOL.

  3. You and Tamara inspire me to try yoga again. I didn't know there are different types. I have only tried it once and must have tried the super hard, advanced contortionist's yoga. My old body just laughed at me when I tried some of the positions.

    Hope your carpeting is soon completely on your rental condo. Do you use the condo yourself sometimes?

    I am like you about signing up for a September 5K. Have scouted one out but hate to commit with real $$ until we are a little closer to race time. But also hate late registration prices! Hope your island is race-ready soon.

    We are finally swimming in our pool rather than just brushing it!! Are you swimming in an Olympic size pool? I did 30 laps, yesterday but in a 30' long pool! Ha! Clearly need to up my game.

    So glad you tried some of Sheila's recipes. I fixed the Chicken Sausage Skillet, too. YUM. And ate left-overs the following day for lunch...even tastier.

    Thank you so much for joining in the bucket list series. I am thankful to have discovered you and Tamara and some of my other new blogging buddies. Here's to new friendships!

    1. Definitely try different yoga classes and instructors, Leslie. I'm sure you'll find one that you like. There should be no pain! I can't wait for the carpeting to be done tomorrow. I've never lived in my rental condo because I've got tenants from day one. I like the unit a lot and if I had been single, I'd have lived in it. The swimming pool that I go to is 75 feet long. Keep up your swimming now that you have a beautiful pool. Cheers to new friendships!

  4. Looks like you have been very busy this Spring. My workouts are sporadic lately. Hopefully once our reno is done I can get back to my regularly scheduled programming. Trying to get as much movement as I can chasing the kids.

    1. Thanks, Danielle, for visiting. Looks like this is the season for renos. I think staying active is key, no matter how much time we can dedicate to exercise, so chasing your kids counts!