Thursday, 1 June 2017

May in a sentence a day

Greetings! Just last month, I had fun documenting my first April in a sentence a day. Today I’m joining other bloggers to write about May.

I typically spent the first two hours of every day in May on my brainteasers (Spanish lessons for 15 minutes), and exercises. To give myself variety, my exercise routine goes like this: Gym (Monday, Wednesday, Friday), yoga (Tuesday and Thursday), swim (Saturday) and walk or run 5K (Sunday). I usually feel from great to fantastic after this routine. Below is how the rest of my days in May shaped up...

May in a sentence a day:

1. Welcomed Monday, May 1st, with intentions to finish the condo refresh project in three weeks, feeling good after receiving referrals for a good painter, and making a yummy Chicken sausage and kale dinner for my family.

The condo kitchen
2. Tuesday went well after meeting with a contractor to discuss the scope of work, successfully changed shower head #1, and enjoyed evening time spent with my sister.

Moen shower head #1
3. Had fun Wednesday writing up April in a sentence a day, and reading other blogs.
4. More fun on Thursday having coffee and window shopping with my sister, before meeting a painter at the condo for a quote.
5. Rainy Friday, Cinco de Mayo, kept me mostly indoor doing general home cleanup.
6. Felt good Saturday after swimming 40 laps, taking Spanish lessons, and filling up our fridge with fresh groceries.
7. Rounded my 1st week of May with a Sunday 5K run, doing more negotiations with contractors, and writing to my friends in the USA.
8. A great start of a new week with a gorgeous Monday morning, and getting plumbing repairs done in the condo!

Sunny Monday
9. A Tuesday of two success stories: replacing shower head #2 by myself in the condo, and making a yummy Sausage & Asparagus dinner.

Moen shower head #2
10. A visit to the AGO was a very nice way to spend Wednesday evening.

Draped seated woman by Henry Moore
11. Excited to have the painting started in the condo, even though it’s just neutral grey and white.
12. Checked in with painter and the painting job is going well.
13. Happy to start Saturday with 42 laps in the pool, then headed over to the condo for carpet measure appointment, while the painting got done!
14. Enjoyed Mother’s Day with a 5K run, a post about my 2nd week of May, and a family BBQ.

Happy Mother's Day
15. Had concerns about the contractor for the carpeting job...Time for plan B.
16. Enjoyed Tuesday Cappuccino and free visual arts with a friend, and reconnected by email with a former classmate who now lives in Germany.

Boxcar Social coffee place
17. Decisive Wednesday: Cancelled carpeting contractor, and booked carpet installation services with Home Depot.
18. Thursday yoga calmed my mind.
19. Loved the Piano and violin recital at beautiful St. Andrew’s church.

Piano and violin recital
20. Had the pool by myself for the last ten minutes so I kept going to 50 laps, which should balance some of the calories from a buffet dinner with friends tonight!
21. Still waiting for carpet installation date (sigh).
22. Monday is a new day to write my Ten home organization tips.
23. Tuesday excitement: I’ve got a carpet installation date May 30!
24. Wednesday was for writing my 3rd week of May.
25. Heavy rain on this Thursday cancelled my plan to go to an outdoor farmers’ market.
26. Fun Friday lunch with two girlfriends.
27. A productive Saturday with 50 laps in the pool, and stocked up our fridge with fresh groceries, including rapini!
28. Energized my Sunday with a 5K run, then danced to the Caribbean music beat at the Barbados on the Water festival.

Barbados on the Water festival banner

Arturo Tappin band

29. Pleased to mark a few more items “Yes!” on my Spring list update #2, and enjoyed reading other bloggers’ spring bucket list updates.
30. It's Tuesday and the new carpet in the condo was done in less than two hours!
31. Goodbye condo refresh project, hello travel planning at top speed with a big grin.


  1. I think I would drown doing 40 laps, let alone 50 laps! Crazy talk, but such a good workout. You have a good exercise routine down. My goal is to try and workout 5 days a week...ideally 6 with a day to rest. So far I keep getting sick so I'll get into a groove and a week later I'm sick...repeat cycle. Ugh! Looks like a great month, getting the condo fixed. Sorry about the carpet guy, why can't everyone just do their job?! Why do they always have to make it so hard on us?

    1. Thanks, Sarah, for visiting and commenting. Sorry to hear you keep getting sick. That must be frustrating. Just start small with the exercise routine and before you know it, a new habit is formed, and you'll be able to exercise frequently and longer. Getting the condo refresh done was a big relief. I had to be really patient dealing with tradespeople.

  2. Yay, YOU! Finished that condo refresh in great time. Now on to vacation planning is right! Had to look up rapini. How do you prepare it? Something new I need to try if I can find it in El Paso.

    1. I'm thinking of writing a post about my condo refresh experience. The plumber, painter and carpet installer all did a good job but it was like pulling teeth to book an appointment, and had the right people showed up. Such a relief to get it done so I can move on to booking trips. Rapini is so easy to prepare, stir fry with olive oil and garlic, add chili peppers if you like it spicy. It comes in a big bunch but it shrinks a lot when it's cooked. Here's a recipe I served it with sausages and steamed rice. Let me know how it goes.

  3. We had Home Depot put in our carpet last year and we thought they did a great job!! It really makes you feel like you have a new home, right?
    You're so good about moving on most days!! I need to get off my butt and get some steps in---although I'm sure I won't be doing a 5K run anytime soon!!

    1. I'm happy with the carpeting job. The condo looks really nice now. The Home Depot here had their staff come to measure and provide a quote, then once agreed, the actual carpet installation was contracted out to another company. This made me nervous but I didn't have any better option. I usually do my exercise first thing in the morning so I'll be less likely to back out or get distracted with other things. My suggestion is to start small, even 15 minutes a day, then build momentum and before you know it, your body will "demand" you to exercise.

  4. Your exercise routine sounds great! I had a nice routine at the beginning of the year, but then things started not going as planned. I need to add barre classes and yoga back into my routine to help with low back issues...

    The condo projects sound exciting. We were going to do some light remodeling, but then we ended up having a nasty water leak and all the money is going toward the repairs. Not fun but necessary...

    Have a great June!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

    1. It's not easy to exercise regularly. I've been doing it for many years and there are still moments when I have to have "the talk" with myself. I've made fitness my personal goals and write them down so it helps me committed. I had a toilet leak in the condo and thankfully it was easily fixed with new parts and was inexpensive (phew). I found the condo refresh project a bit nerve wrecking because I had to rely on external tradespeople to do the job, and had little control over the cost. Maybe it's because I haven't had to do it for several years and became out of touch with the market. Enjoy June!

  5. Oh we have quite a bit in common. I started this challenge in April as well and I love the gym, yoga and running. 50 laps at the pool is awesome good for you!
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

  6. Thanks, Sue, for joining in on the sentence-a-day fun. I find having a regular exercise routine a good challenge, too but the energy gained is so rewarding.