Friday, 28 July 2017

6 new experiences

Happy Friday! I wrote on Monday that I planned to explore two new-to-me outdoor farmers’ markets and attend up to three concerts this week. Well, I’m glad I did and now I can share with you not just five but my six new experiences. I'm still smiling thinking about them.

1. Bike Share Toronto had a Free Ride Wednesdays promotion in July so I picked up a bike and went exploring a few new-to-me places in the city centre. As long as I dropped off the bike in 30 minutes at any of the bike stations around the city, there was no charge. Within the city core, I can ride to quite a few places in 30 minutes! Off I went with my helmet and cross-body handbag. It was fun to cycle in non-rush hours :)

2. My first bike stop was at the new-to-me Scotia Plaza Farmers’ Market which is right in the heart of Toronto’s Financial District. It is on every Wednesday, beginning June 14th to August 30th, from 8 am to 6 pm. It is a small market but with its location, and a good selection of fresh produce, freshly baked breads and pastries, artisan cheeses, wines, preserves, etc. it is likely busy at lunch time.

Scotia Plaza farmers' market

3. My second bike stop was at Adelaide Eats which is 2-3 short blocks west of the Scotia Plaza farmers’ market. It’s an outdoor food market with tents and picnic benches. It’s open until July 28th with an impressive list of food artisans. I should have checked this place out sooner. It would have been a terrific place to have lunch with my friends.

Adelaide Eats sign and entrance
Adelaide Eats picnic benches

4. My last bike stop was at City Hall Farmers’ Market which also runs on every Wednesday, beginning May 31 to October 18, from 8 am to 2 pm, rain or shine. This farmers’ market looks like the biggest that I’ve visited this summer. Aside from the fresh produce, there are treats for humans, as well as dogs! Yummy all around :) In case you get thirsty, there is a cool-looking water truck in the square. You can turn on the tap located along side of the truck, and fill up your water bottle.

Toronto City Hall farmers' market

Fill-up and Go water truck

5. A nice bonus to the City Hall Farmers’ Market is the City Hall Live! music showcase which features local artists on Wednesdays, from 12:30 to 1:30 pm. Jayri and a friend were performing when I was there. Strong vocals by both artists and very good acoustics considering the size of the stage and the civic square. There are tables and chairs where people can sit, have lunch, and enjoy the music. Jayri and friend

6. On Thursday, I went to another farmers’ market at David Pecaut Square to listen to Sol de Cuba’s performance. As soon as I saw the name of the band on the Indulge Your Senses program, I knew it would be fun and I was right. The quartet played cha cha cha, mambo, lambada, and similar beats. Their passionate performance was contagious. Although only a few people got up to dance, many more in the audience were tapping their feet, clapping their hands, or singing along. All in all a great show!

Sol de Cuba
I’m so enjoying and appreciating farm fresh food, live music, arts, and quality time outdoors this summer!

My plans for the weekend:
  • Attend a concert at the Tirgan music festival Friday evening
  • Swim 50-55 laps on Saturday morning
  • Spend time with my relatives before they leave on Sunday
  • Run 6K on Sunday morning (adding an extra 1K)
  • Shop groceries for the week
  • Step up my preparation for our trip to Spain (we're leaving in less than 2 weeks!)
I'd love to hear your fun plan for the weekend. Have a great one wherever you are!


  1. Wow! so much going going on in your world. I'm impressed by 6km

    1. Thanks, Leanne, for stopping by and leaving a comment. This summer has been a lot of fun for me. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. You are the farmer's market queen! We are just beginning to get into the whole farmer's market thing here in El Paso. I think because we don't grow much produce here, they haven't been as popular. We are just getting bikes for lease/borrow downtown, too. But with all of the one-way roads and crazy traffic, I think I would be scared to ride one. Looks like you had a great time. Hope your 6K went well!

    1. I enjoy the weekly outdoor farmers' market with live music. Our warm season is shorter than yours, Leslie. I biked in dedicated bike lanes and in non rush hours, it was comfortable. I wouldn't ride in car traffic here either. My 6K was fine. I ran on a treadmill in an air-con gym so it was easier than on a hard asphalt surface :)