Monday, 31 July 2017

Tirgan festival, Local sights, and 6K run

I’ve explored and experienced so much fun from Friday to Sunday, I just have to write about them here. I think the daily formula of 1.5 hours of fitness + 1 to 3 hours of outdoor fun is working very well for me this summer :)

Toronto Music Garden
On Friday evening, we went to the Tirgan festival to attend Kiosk the band outdoor concert at Harbourfront. The five-person band performed in Persian language, and their music was fantastic. The big crowd loved it and showed their appreciation with singalongs, and rounds of applause after each song.

Kiosk the band at Tirgan festival
On Saturday, I swam 55 laps earlier in the morning to get my fitness routine done before my relatives arrived. They have visited us in Toronto before but it’s been a while. The city has changed quite a bit since their last visit so I took them sightseeing where they haven’t been.

We spent about three hours strolling, chatting, and stopping to take pictures. Our walk included City Hall, the Financial District, Brookfield Place, and the Flat Iron building that I wrote about here. Lunch was at the historic St Lawrence Market (established in 1803), and cappuccinos at Cafe Balzac’s. A fun stop at Berczy Park to see the park's new design. The park was recently reopened at the end of June with a historic centrepiece, a large fountain that has 27 dog and one cat sculptures, and a golden bone sits atop the fountain. I enjoyed showing my relatives some local sights, and they were impressed with what they’ve seen. We returned home for dinner, relaxing and talking about possible meet-ups next summer.

Berczy Park fountain
Cafe Balzac's entrance
Cappuccino at Cafe Balzac's

On Sunday, it was sunny and warm 30 Celsius (88F). I ran my first 6K on a Life Fitness treadmill in the air-con gym in the morning. I had this idea after reading Deb’s I Can Do This post about her upcoming 6K race in Melbourne, Australia. I’ve been running 5K weekly since April and have done several 5K races before. I knew I could do 6K but never had any particular reason to do it. I’d like to try new activities that stretch me and mix things up from time to time to keep me interested. Now I can say I ran 6K on a treadmill. I felt great after the run. Success!

In the afternoon,  we went to the Toronto Music Garden for the Tio Chorinho: Brazilian Soul Music show at 4 PM. The musicians and singer stayed in the shade, and most of the audience were in the sun. We came prepared with sun hats. There are also scattered shades around the garden although you may not be able to see the band, just hear the music.

Brazil Soul Music at Toronto Music Garden

Toronto Music Garden
Marina by Toronto Music Garden

It was a beautiful day, in a beautiful garden setting by the lake front, and to listen to live music played by talented performers...Simply incredible! My pictures do not show enough of the garden’s beauty. If you’d like to learn more about the garden design and its history, please see the Toronto Music Garden web site. Such a lovely end to my weekend!

Plans for Monday to Thursday this week:
  • Exercise an hour daily
  • Learn Spanish 15 minutes daily
  • Wrap up my joyful July in a sentence a day
  • Prepare for a family long weekend getaway 
I hope you had a beautiful weekend, too. Make it a great week wherever you are!


  1. Thanks so much for running with me Natalie, I really appreciate the shout out fr my blog too! Enjoyed reading your post :)

    1. Thanks, Deb, for stopping by and leaving a comment. It's fun connecting with you via running and blogging :)