Saturday, 16 December 2017

Winter beauty

We had our first significant snow fall this past week, and an extreme cold alert at mid-week. When the sun came out, I went for a walk and was mindful of the beauty of the season. I loved...

The sights of:
  • Green pine trees with fresh snow on the branches, on a clear blue sky, sunny day.
  • The lake with a thin layer of ice, and the cold mist floating in the air.
The sounds of:
  • Birds chirping while they're enjoying the sunshine like me.
  • Snow crunching as I walked on a quiet morning.
The feelings of:
  • Warmth from dressing in layers and walking briskly.
  • Relaxation after I arrived home.
Will you be outside enjoying nature today?


  1. I've already been out twice with the dogs this morning and it is indeed beautiful out there... but I was amazed to learn that it is -24C ! Toffee and Shylah were both moving slowly and lifting their paws away from the cold, deep snow. As beautiful as it is, I sure hope it warms a little.

    1. Good for you, Karen, for being out twice already. It's cold for sure and will warm up starting tomorrow for a couple of days. Have a relaxing Sunday!

  2. Hi, Natalie - I love your positive attitude. Toronto's current extremely cold temperatures have been all over our West Coast news. Knowing that you walk everywhere, so can't always escape from the cold, I am impressed that you have focused on the beauty of this season. Very inspiring!

    1. Thank you, Donna. I find that once I embrace the winter season, and look for what's unique about it, it's actually quite lovely.

  3. Natalie, today on this wet, foggy, windy day on Vancouver Island, I find myself missing the snow.


    1. I find snow beautiful. I don't mind fog or rain but wind is challenging for me. Thank you, Jude, for stopping by.