Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Wellness Wednesday December 12

Welcome to the 12th and last Wellness Wednesday link up of 2018! The optional prompt is Self-Care Rewards for all the efforts that we've put in this year. In today's post, I have a short recap of my November wellness goals, and share my thoughts on the rewards of self-care.


In November, although I was in Morocco for part of the month, I managed to achieve all of my November wellness goals as listed here, and reviewed under Fitness here. Total for November: nine workouts at the gym, seven yoga classes, four swimming sessions, and three 5K runs. I also walked at least 45 minutes and meditated 15 minutes daily. I gained one extra swimming session by switching my swimming day from Saturday to Friday, and the best part is it's quieter at the pool on far.


I'm motivated to take care of my well-being because I can feel the results when I do it consistently, such as:
  • feeling focused after I meditate
  • feeling relaxed with the practice of deep breathing
  • feeling warm and energetic after a workout at the gym, a swim, or a run
  • feeling calm and balanced after a yoga session
  • feeling clarity and a sense of accomplishment after I do my daily walk
The overall feeling healthy is the best reward for me. I believe it's well worth investing a small part of my day for self-care. I look forward to enjoying the various leisure activities and travelling while I can, and hopefully for many more years.


I plan to continue with my wellness activities this month and in 2019. It would be super to have more bloggers and readers participate in the monthly Wellness link up. I'm thinking on the second Wednesday of each month and leave the topic open for anything wellness-related. Stay tuned for further announcement.


  1. I've been in Sydney for most of the last week visiting family, doing pre-Christmas catch-ups with friends and working out of a real office rather than remotely from my home 1000kms away. When I'm in Sydney self care goes out the window. I'm home now for a rest (I haven't had more than 5 hours sleep since this time last week), a detox, and some decent food rather than grabbed meals.

    1. Hi Jo - I hope you get your sleep and decent food and feel well-rested by the weekend. Trips to see long-distance family and friends are fun and exhausting at the same time as we try to do a lot in the short time we have with them.

  2. In the frenzy before Christmas, I find that many of my usual fitness activities fall by the wayside. That said, I had a great yoga class yesterday and on Monday, as well as skating on Monday and a brisk walk on Tuesday.


    1. Bravo, Jude, for going to yoga, skating, and a brisk walk this week. It's not easy to stick to a fitness routine during the holidays so I say do what you can. Every little bit helps.

  3. Hi, Natalie - I am delighted that you will continue this series in 2019. It is very inspiring.
    Wishing you and your family a very warm and happy Christmas!

    1. Hi Donna - I'm wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas!