Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Mid-February 2017 review

Happy Valentine’s day!
Muskoka chairs on a sunny day
It’s mid-February so I’m reflecting on my personal goals and events in the past two weeks to see how I am doing. I feel that in the Fitness, Finance and Fun categories, I’m doing well. Here’s the list of goals that I accomplished in the last two weeks:

  • I exercised one hour per day. I alternated walking, working out in the gym, and yoga.
  • I met my savings target by sticking to mandatory expenses only. I prepared all meals at home. I stayed away from stores, except for grocery shopping, and only took part in out-of-home fun activities that are free.
  • I start reading travel information online to plan for my upcoming trips and family vacation. Aside from preparing myself for the trips, this also motivates me to keep saving. 
  • I am learning Spanish every day. I’ve done mostly more than 15 minutes per day and have not missed any day since February 1.
  • I am posting on this blog weekly. I posted about Quebec last week.
  • I re-watched two action movies from my own DVD collection.
  • I organized my paper records. I filed the records I need to keep, and shredded or recycled those that I no longer need. This requires regular maintenance so it is work but the result is satisfying. I watch every paper document that comes in and deal with it as soon as possible.
  • I walked part of the Great Trail and went to see the free Ice Breakers public art installations which are on until February 26. The picture below shows Leeward Fleet, one of the five installations. 
Leeward Fleet
I hope February has been good to you. How are you doing with your goals?

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