Sunday, 5 February 2017


I read an article in a local newspaper about 150 ways to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation this year. I thought about my various trips across Canada in the past and how unique each destination was.

In this post, I’ll write about my experiences in Quebec city which is the capital of the province of Quebec, the largest province in Canada.

Quebec was founded by the French explorer Champlain in the early 17th century.  With 400 years of history, Quebec is a great city to explore. When I am in Quebec, the French language, food, historic architecture, and joie de vivre make me feel like I am in Europe without the transatlantic flight.

My favourite experiences in Quebec City:

1. Walking in the Upper Town of Old Quebec, up to the Plains of Abraham to get a great view of the Citadel and the famous Chateau Frontenac Hotel.

View of Chateau Frontenac, Quebec

Sign at Plains of Abraham, Quebec
2. A stroll along the Dufferin Terrace overlooking the St Lawrence river and the surrounding area.
St Lawrence River from the Dufferin Terrace
3. Exploring the fortifications of Quebec, including the Citadel, a National Historic Site, and watching the Changing of the Guard ceremony in the summer. Quebec is the only fortified city in North America north of Mexico, with close to 4.6 km of walls and gates.

4. Wandering in the Lower Town of Old Quebec and Place Royale with stone buildings and narrow streets, or taking a horse carriage ride.

5. Exploring the Petit Champlain’s district where cobblestone streets are lined with bistros and boutiques.

6. Enjoying a coffee or meal at one of the outdoor cafes, and watching the world go by.

7. Attending an outdoor performance on a summer evening right outside Chateau Frontenac.

8. Browsing for antiques at rue St Paul, or visiting the Marche du Vieux-Port.

9. Visiting the Aquarium du Quebec.
Sandcastle at the Aquarium du Quebec
Aquarium du Quebec grounds
10. Taking a side trip to see Montmorency waterfalls.

Montmorency waterfalls, Quebec

Quebec is located about 800 km (500 miles) from Toronto. I have travelled to Quebec city by train, by car and by plane. VIA Rail has regular train service between the two cities, with connections in Montreal. Non-stop flights from Toronto to Quebec city take about 1.5 hours.

Have you been to Quebec city? What were your favourite experiences when you were there?

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