Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Cake and haircut

I wrote about my spring activity list in March, then the first update in April, and the second update in May. I've got two more items checked off this past week:
  #9 - Celebrate a June birthday in the family.
  #18 - Get a haircut before going to Costa Rica.

The birthday boy requested Thai food delivery for dinner, and a red velvet cake. So easy to order both. Since someone else was doing the cooking and baking, I was free to enjoy the celebration. We decided to sit outside on the terrace for al fresco dining as the temperature was just right. It was simple and lovely! The delicious cake was big enough for second and third servings the next day. We did not mind :)

Red velvet cake leaving the box

I got my hair trimmed on Saturday. It is low maintenance as I keep my natural hair colour and just have the length shortened quarterly. The various hair stylists that I've had over the years have always told me I have healthy hair so that's nice to hear. I'll keep doing what I'm doing then, LOL.

I don't know about you but I dislike the shampooing process at the hair salon. Sitting in the chair and resting my head over the sink never feel comfortable to me. I also dislike the blow drying and styling. Too much heat for my head but my hair does look nicer at the end so I tolerate the heat. With my hair trimmed, I'm almost ready for the summer. I think I'll get a pedicure before we go to Costa Rica.

What’s your favourite cake? Do you enjoy going to hair salons? What beauty ritual do you have for the summer?


  1. I am definitely the opposite as I love having my hair shampooed at the salon. A mini-massage from my point of view. Favorite cake is as chocolaty as possible. Costa Rice sounds exciting.

    1. Chocolate cakes, yum! We went to Costa Rica a few years ago. The biodiversity was incredible. Nice beaches and friendly people, too.