Thursday, 15 June 2017

View from the 35th floor

I recently had a business meeting on the 35th floor at a corporate office building in Toronto. While waiting for my appointment, I took a couple of pictures. It's not every day that I get a view of the city's downtown core from high above, and it was a sunny day with good visibility, too. Sorry for the glare from the ceiling lights.

In the first picture, you see the CN Tower (far left), Toronto's Old City Hall, and its clock tower (lower left). Toronto’s Old City Hall is a National Historic Site. The rectangle with the arches is the reflecting pool in Nathan Phillips Square. In the winter, this pool is turned into an ice skating rink. Nathan Phillips Square is where special local events are held such as New Year's celebration, protests, festivals, markets, running race meeting points, etc.

In the second picture, on the left you see a skyscraper. It's the Aura mixed-use, residential and commercial complex. At 78-storey high, as of 2016, it's Canada's tallest residential building, and 23rd tallest residential building in the world. Can you imagine living on the 78th floor and ride the elevator to get up or down? Or walking down the stairway of 78 floors when there is a fire evacuation in the building?

Toronto's downtown landscape has been changing rapidly. As a local resident, I discover something new daily. Condo developments seem to pop up at every corner, and they get taller, too.  Some green space is planned or preserved so it is not all concrete. You can see the green space on the horizon in the third picture.

I prefer to be closer to the ground. It's a pleasure to just step out and walk around the neighbourhoods.

What is the tallest site that you've visited? Would you live on a high floor, let's say 35th floor and up, for a great view?


  1. Do you live in the city proper? There must be so many things going on every day If sdo, I would imagine. I love that about cities!

    Would I live in a skyscraper? Hmm, I would say 'yes' but only if in an area without frequent earthquakes, unlike where I currently live!

    1. Yes, Tamara, I live in downtown Toronto. You're right about so many things going on every day, especially in the summer like now. I'd say Toronto is not known for frequent earthquakes but I did experience it once (an earthquake from Quebec) and it was a bit scary.