Sunday, 18 June 2017

Spring list wrap up

It’s the last weekend before the official first day of summer so I’m writing the final update of my Spring activity list and wrapping it up with a pretty peony as shown in the picture above :)

I have 20 items on my Spring activity list, mostly under the categories of Fitness, Family, Friends, and Fun. Let’s see how I did:

1. Exercise in the gym three times per week - Yes! I’ve been working out in the gym consistently on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
2. Practice yoga twice per week. Yes! I do gentle yoga on Tuesdays and Thursdays, mainly to relax and restore from my workouts in the gym.
3. Go for a long walk outdoors once per week. Yes! I mix long walks with 5K runs depending on the weather and how I feel the morning of. Look at the two pictures below...Perfect weather for being outdoors.
April 2017
May 2017

4. Learn Spanish online fifteen minutes daily. Yes and am still doing this. I plan to use what I’ve learned when I’m in Costa Rica and Spain this summer.
5. Sign up early for a 5K running race in September. Deferred due to the flooding on Centre Island where the race is to be held. At time of writing, the island closure is extended until July 31. I’ll stay tuned, and if the race is on, I’ll sign up for it.
 6. Co-ordinate my parents' move to their new home. Yes all went smoothly just before Good Friday.
 7. Meet up with my sister from out of town. Yes. We had so much fun chatting while window shopping in the 1st week of May.
 8. Enjoy a family weekend getaway. Yes! This getaway in April now seems so long ago. We have a trip coming up soon.
 9. Celebrate two family birthdays. Yes! I remembered to take picture of the red velvet cake.

 10. Share some decadent chocolate with my family. Yes as posted here.
 11. Call to chat with my friend on her birthday. Yes as posted here.
 12. Go for coffee with a friend. Yes at Dineen Coffee and Boxcar Social. Which cappuccino art do you prefer?
Cappuccino at Dineen Coffee Co.

Cappuccino at Boxcar Social

13. Write to my friends overseas. Yes as posted here, and by writing to my friends, I reconnected with a former classmate who now lives in Germany.
14. Complete bookings for our trip to Costa Rica in June-July. Yes, it was my first travel plan for 2017. We’re leaving in about ten days. The count down begins!
15. Start booking a second trip for the summer. Yes! I booked our trip to Spain and Gibraltar.
16. Read about my summer travel destinations. Yes and am still doing it as needed.
17. Post once a week on my blog. Yes, I actually posted more than once per week, and am enjoying it. Thank you, my readers, and to everyone who has left comments :)
18. Get a haircut before going to Costa Rica. Yes as posted here.
19. Declutter my closet. Yes as posted on March 26. I haven’t bought new clothes since January so no new clutter (yay!).
20. Donate twenty unused items. Yes. I do reduce, reuse and recycle.

I’m super pleased that I completed nineteen out of twenty items. Item #5 is deferred but I have been running 5K on Sundays this spring so I give myself a “Pass”.

As the weather improved, and feeling energetic, I added a few more activities:

- Swimming laps on Saturdays: I started with 36 laps on April 9. Small increments of 2 laps per week and here I am at 54 laps.

- Completing my condo refresh project which started on April 28 and ended on May 30. The project took a big chunk of my time and tested my patience. I was glad to get it done.

- Cooking easy and yummy recipes such as Chicken Sausage Skillet, Sausage and Asparagus Bowl, Beef with Broccoli, and Chicken with Snow Peas. My family approved them all.

- Attending more arts and entertainment like A visit to the AGO, Visual arts at Harbourfront, a Piano and violin recital at St. Andrew’s church, Farmers’ market and music, and a Movie with popcorn. The sweet smell of ripe strawberries at the farmers' market made me look forward to the summer even more.

I hope you’ve had an enjoyable spring. I’ll be posting my Summer fun list on June 21, and linking up with several fabulous bloggers so please check back and join in on the fun.

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