Thursday, 7 June 2018

May in a sentence a day

Greetings! Today I'm sharing how I spent my month of May in a sentence a day. I was at home for the first three weeks in May then went to Europe. When at home, I kept up with my wellness routine, took my language lessons, and sprinkled my days with a few fun events. My travel adventure in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland was fantastic. I have some catching up to do and will write about my trip soon.

In May, my mornings were spent on recurring events as follows:
  • Monday to Saturday: walk 5K, about an hour each morning
  • Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: workout in the gym, an hour each time
  • Tuesday and Thursday: yoga session, an hour each
  • Sunday: run 5K and do stretches, about an hour
  • Daily: meditation, 15 minutes 
  • Daily: French and Spanish lessons, 15 minutes for each language

Plus the following fun sprinkles in May in a sentence a day:

1. Enjoyed coffee with a friend by a garden full of beautiful tulips.

2. Read Tallinn travel guides and shared my April from A to Z post here.

3. Watched Annette Bening's terrific acting in Stars Don't Die in Liverpool.

4. Attended Andrew Fu's uplifting piano recital before the fierce wind storm arrived.

5. The sun returned with high 21 Celsius and Berczy Park was a nice spot to watch people and pets, both real and statues.

6. Read Riga travel guides, wrote my A to L fun post, and relaxed the rest of Sunday.

7. Researched flights and accommodations for my summer trips.

8. Viewed Hilary Rice's amazing textile and mixed media art exhibits at St. James Cathedral.

New Life by Hilary Rice

9. Read Vilnius travel guides and linked up with my blogger friends for Wellness Wednesday.

10. Went on two fun coffee dates with two of my friends and watched Paddington 2 with my neighbours while munching on popcorn tonight.

11. Enjoyed Vlad Soloviev's powerful piano recital and a date with my 'gym' friend.

12. Admired Marleen Sleeuwits' Not The Actual Site visual art exhibits at the airy Allen Lambert Galleria, one of my favourite public spaces.

13. Soaked in the sunshine and treasured time with my family on this happy Mother's Day.

14. Read Warsaw travel guides while sitting outside on a sunny Monday afternoon.

15. Caught a glimpse of the dancers in their colourful costumes at the press announcement of 2018 Toronto Caribbean Carnival.

16. Reviewed my upcoming travel itinerary and chatted with my friends from California about a reunion in the USA next year.

17. Changed my walking route and saw the Everyone is A Kid art installation made out of these cheery-looking yellow crates along King Street West.

18. Enjoyed a sunny Friday and listened to the beautiful sounds at Daniel Ramjattan's classical guitar recital.

19. Bought a small amount of euros and zloty (Polish currency) for my trip.

20. Relaxed after my 5K run to write my Spring fun list update #2.

21. Loved the sight of sailboats in the harbour and the flock of Canada geese in flight.

22. Packed for trip...A new adventure awaits!

23. Got a haircut on this beautiful summery day.

24. Enjoyed watching Hugh Jackman's performance in The Greatest Showman.

25. Flew overnight to Tallinn with a stopover in Frankfurt.

Visit Estonia sign at Tallinn airport

26. Arrived in Tallinn, Estonia with plenty of daylight to walk around the lovely Old Town and enjoy this World Heritage city.

27. A sunny and perfect day to explore Tallinn in the morning and meet my Finnish friend in the afternoon.

28. Travelled by bus in the morning and arrived in beautiful historic Riga, Latvia at mid-day with plenty of daylight and warm weather to be outdoors.

Freedom (Liberty) Monument, Riga, Latvia

29. Explored and loved Riga's Old Town and the city's impressive architecture encompassing Art Nouveau, Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, and Neoclassical facades.

30. Took a scenic bus ride along the green countryside and arrived in Vilnius, Lithuania at mid-day with sunlight until 10 p.m.

31. Walked to explore Vilnius' Old Town (a UNESCO World Heritage site), its main landmarks in the morning and took an excursion to visit the beautiful red brick Trakai Castle on Galve Lake in the afternoon.

Trakai Castle, Lithuania

Overall May was an amazing month for me. Lots of sunshine and fun-filled days. I ended May while still in Lithuania, and started June in Poland.

Your turn...How was your month of May? Please share.


  1. Very impressed by your fitness routine! And your travels around eastern Europe - very envious!

    1. I'm impressed by your Coast to Coast walk, Gail. Thank you for stopping by.

  2. What a wonderful month you had, Natalie! Toronto looks like such an interesting, vibrant city through your blog. How wonderful to have so much culture at your fingertips! I am guessing you play the piano given your obvious affinity toward classical music? The two often seem to go hand in hand. ☺

    I am really looking forward to your thoughts on Poland. We have it on our radar for when we next visit Europe. Super impressed at you utilizing public transportation between cities in that I find that to be the most challenging part of any trip, whether foreign or domestic. Kudos on that for sure!

    1. Hi Tamara - Warsaw is a great city about the same population as Toronto (over 2.5 million people), with deep history. I was impressed at how quickly Warsaw rebuilt and thrived, considering about 90% of the buildings were destroyed in WW2. It demonstrates to me the strength and ingenuity of Polish people. Warsaw historic centre is on UNESCO World Heritage list. I'd like to make one trip dedicated to explore Poland. I think you'll enjoy Poland when you go.

  3. Hi Natalie - Congratulations on living the month of May to its fullest! I look forward to reading your reflections on your trip to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland.

    1. Thank you, Donna, for your ongoing encouragement. You're the best! I'm working on my Tallinn post :)

  4. Such amazing times travelling around like that!! And you still keep up such a great fitness routine. I need to hang around you more!!

    1. Let's hang out together, Jodie :) The truth is the fitness routine gives me the stamina to travel, and when I skip my exercise, I find it hard to resume so I choose to keep going. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Another full and eventful month for you, Natalie. I'm seeing a pattern :)

    1. Ah, I try not to be in a rut :) Thanks Karen for stopping by. Have a beautiful weekend!

  6. Wow, you are some busy lady. Have a great time.

    1. It's all fun to me. Thanks, Nancy, for your visit and comment.

  7. What a wonderful action packed month you had! Your workout routine is goals :)

    1. May was great for me. Thanks, Sarah, for stopping by.