Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Wellness Wednesday July 11

Welcome to our 7th Wellness Wednesday link up in 2018! Today I'm providing updates on my June wellness goals, setting goals for July, and linking up with a group of terrific bloggers who are also on the wellness adventure.

The optional prompt this month is Emotional health care tips. I'll share what I do to stay emotionally healthy. I look forward to reading any tips that my fellow bloggers or readers may have to share.

June wellness goal updates:
  1. Meditate 15 minutes daily: I continued to meet this goal in June. I feel that I've got a good habit doing this by now.
  2. Exercise one hour daily: I achieved this goal by walking, running 5K, yoga, or working out in the gym, both at home and abroad in June. The hotel that I stayed at in Warsaw had a fitness centre which made it convenient for me to get my workouts done.
  3. Smile or laugh daily: I had an excellent June as written here and many reasons to smile or laugh daily.
  4. Take online French and Spanish lessons daily, fifteen minutes for each: Yes! I've been doing this throughout the month of June.
July wellness goals: With warmer weather and upcoming cultural, social, and travel activities in the summer, I'll stick with the same four wellness goals that I had in June:
  1. Meditate 15 minutes daily.
  2. Exercise one hour daily.
  3. Smile or laugh daily. 
  4. Take online French and Spanish lessons daily, fifteen minutes for each language.
What I do to stay emotionally healthy:
  1. Move my body daily: Physical activities such as walking improve my mood. When it comes to physical movements, I believe it's the consistency that gets results. Once I establish my fitness routine, I move on to increase the intensity, and introduce small changes to my routine to keep things fresh and to moderately challenge myself.
  2. Do the things that make me happy: I identify the list of 18 FEASTs at the start of this year and I make time for them. FEAST stands for Fitness, Entertainment, Arts, Social, and Travel.
  3. Be more mindful: I pay attention to what surrounds me and try to notice my thoughts and feelings. I find that my daily walk near nature is a great setting for me to be more mindful. I also make time to meditate 15 minutes daily. I'm mindful of the win circles.
  4. Practice deep breathing: Deep breathing relaxes my body. Try to breath in deeply, then exhale slowly and visualize the breath through your body. Do this a few times and I guarantee your body is more relaxed. I do deep breathing at night to help me fall asleep which leads to the next point.
  5. Sleep well: We know adequate sleep is important for our mind and body. When we don't have enough sleep, we feel tired and become cranky. I'd say that when I make time to do the above four steps, it's guaranteed that I'll sleep well.
Now your turn...How are you doing with your wellness goals? What do you do to stay emotionally healthy? Please share below.


  1. I'm always inspired when I read your updates Natalie and totally agree with all the ways you look after your emotional health, especially doing more things to make us happy. Have a beautiful week! :)

    1. Hi Sue - To me my health is #1 priority so I'd better look after it, and I enjoy the fitness activities. I'm so glad to connect with you on this. Thank you for stopping by and you have a beautiful week, too :)

  2. Hi Natalie,
    I'm curious about your meditation practice. Are you using a mantra, focusing on your breath, doing a guided meditation? Something else? And have you hit a point where you're able to mostly still the thoughts or is that still challenging?
    You're really doing well with emotional health - and physical for that matter. Good for you!

    1. Hi Karen - I focus on my breath and most of the time I'm able to still my thoughts. Initially, I did guided meditation and then switched to do it on my own. I've practiced for many years so it has become easier for me over time. On some occasions when my thoughts are scattered, I don't stress about it, it just takes a little bit longer to focus. I do it daily because I enjoy the quiet time and I feel the benefits. Thank you for stopping by.

  3. Have begun taking melatonin to help me through this sleepless spell. It worked beautifully last night and I awoke feeling rested and ready to start my day. Hope it can get me over what I pray is a temporary bout of insomnia.
    In dealing with the pool builder again this week, my sister reminded me to take deep breaths. I have always associated doing that with having my daughters by way of natural childbirth. But it worked well to help me calm down.

    1. Glad melatonin and taking a few deep breaths helped you, Leslie. Wishing you satisfactory resolution with the pool builder